Pledge for Zero

We acknowledge that Safety is fundamental to the well-being of human life. It must be a core value upheld by individuals and organizations as every workplace safety incident carries with it a personal and social cost to all individuals, organizations, communities and ultimately the nation.

We believe that
  • Safety is vital to everything that we do
  • All safety incidents are preventable
  • All workplace exposures can be managed and controlled
  • Everyone is responsible for safety and management is ultimately accountable for the outcome
  • Good safety values bring good business results

We aim for 'A Workplace with Zero Injury'.

We pledge to deliver
  • A workplace guided by safety policy that states clearly its safety philosophy and objectives
  • Leadership in safety that cut across all staff levels
  • A governance structure to ensure effective safety management including appropriate safety committees to cover specific areas of concern
  • A budget plan with allocation of adequate resources to achieve the safety goals
  • Safety strategies and plans at each stage of project from conception to completion including business planning, project design, construction, commission, maintenance and demolition
  • Effective 2-way communication on safety including reporting of all safety and health incidents
  • Effective contractor management system with clearly defined safety goals and appropriate incentive schemes
We demonstrate our Commitment by
Reporting our Workplace Safety and Health challenges, progress, successes, initiatives and performance on a yearly basis. This will include, but are not limited to:
  • Workplace safety and health statistics
  • Safety strategies and plans for continuous improvement
  • Safety strategies and plans to assist our contactors to improve their safety performance
  • Positive and negative lessons learnt
We will uphold our Commitment by
Reviewing our achievement and announcing next long term target in 2011 in order to strive towards world class safety.